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Install on Debian or Ubuntu⚓︎

This page explains how to install Source++ dependencies, download and install Source++, get the service up and running on your Debian or Ubuntu system, and also describes the installation package details.

Note on upgrading: While the process for upgrading Source++ is very similar to installing Source++, there are some key backup steps you should perform. Read Upgrading Source++ for tips and guidance on updating an existing installation.

1. Download and install⚓︎

Install from binary .tar.gz file⚓︎

Download the latest .tar.gz file and extract it. The files extract into a folder named after the Source++ version downloaded. This folder contains all files required to run the Source++ platform. There are no init scripts or install scripts in this package.

wget <tar.gz package url>
tar -zxvf <tar.gz package>

2. Start the server⚓︎

Execute the binary⚓︎

The spp-platform binary .tar.gz needs the working directory to be the root install directory where the binary and the config folder are located.

Start Source++ by running:


Last update: June 28, 2022