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Configure WebLogic for Source++⚓︎

WebLogic is a Java application server by Oracle. The Enterprise Application (EAR) file contains the WebLogic Server configurations that need to be updated for Source++ integration.

To start using Source++ with a WebLogic server, first add the agent path as an additional JAVA_OPTS parameter in the WebLogic EAR.

To configure WebLogic for Source++⚓︎

Add the parameter with one of the following options:

  • from the WebLogic Admin console:

    1. Copy the agent path option. -agentpath:<install_dir>/spp-probe-0.5.3.jar

    2. Navigate to the Admin panel (usually at http://localhost:7001/console)

    3. Press Lock & Edit.

    4. Go to (environment) => Servers => (server)

    5. Go to the Start/Stop tab and update the Arguments with the agent path.

  • manually from the WebLogic sh file of the EAR

    1. Copy the agent path and update it according to your configuration: -agentpath:<install_dir>/spp-probe-0.5.3.jar

    2. Add the path to Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/<your-domain>/bin/ as an additional parameter to the JAVA_OPTS (see WebLogic documentation for help).


This configuration enables the Source++ probe to run every time the webserver restarts.

Last update: June 28, 2022