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Source++ is the open-source live coding platform built to assist in the debugging and development of actively-running production software. Source++ works by enhancing your application's code through safe and completely reversible runtime modifications. These modifications are minuscule and negligible in nature, serving only to emit additional data which is collected by Apache SkyWalking, which Source++ is proudly built on top of.

Source++ aims to move observability to the left, giving developers complete visibility into their software independent of the environment or deployment type, from monolith to microservices. This is achieved by giving developers the ability to dynamically capture exceptions, logs, metrics, traces, and other data points, which are traditionally only defined during the development phase. This allows developers to analyze issues straight from the environments in which they're running.


At the highest level, Source++ works by connecting developers via authorized clients to a platform, which is in constant communication with a number of probes. These probes are in turn integrated with the production applications these developers are familiar with, and it is through this triadic arrangement that developers can safely interface with live production applications.


The Source++ Platform is the backbone of the Source++ system. It serves as the gateway for both probes and clients and handles auditing, authentication, and authorization.


The Source++ Probe uses bytecode-manipulations to add live instruments in real-time, allowing developers to debug live production applications.


Last update: July 7, 2022