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Comparing Source++⚓︎

Source++ exists within the realm of "Live-Coding", "Dynamic Observability", "Production Debugging", and related concepts. Being so, there are alternative solutions to Source++ which may be more suitable for your needs. The following comparison matrix shows the differences between Source++ and alternative solutions.



Source++ Lightrun Rookout Thundra Terminology
Technology Apache SkyWalking Cloud Debugger Live-Coding Platform, Developer-Native Observability Platform, Dynamic Observability, Production Debugging
Tenant labels Label your environments
Multi-instance Application instance
Instance labels Tag your agents
Collaborative debugging
Autonomous debugging Auto-debug
Time travel debugging
Pipeline integrations
Exception collection/alerting
Auditing system
PII redaction
Supported libraries 100+ ~10 0 ~14 0 Auto-link, supported middleware/frameworks, automated instrumentation


Source++ Lightrun Rookout Thundra Terminology


Source++ Lightrun Rookout Thundra Terminology
Visual Studio Code
Command-line interface


Live Instruments⚓︎

Allow developers to debug live production applications inside their IDE without redeploying/restarting the application.
More Info: Live Instruments

Source++ Lightrun Rookout Thundra Terminology
Supported Languages Java, Groovy, Kotlin, Python Java, Python, Node.js Java, Groovy, Kotlin, Python, Go, Node.js, .NET, Ruby Java, Python, Node.js Java, Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, Python, Node.js, .NET
Live breakpoint Non-breaking breakpoint, tracepoint, snapshot, single frame tracepoint
Live log Logpoint, JIT logging, dynamic logs
Live metric Custom metrics, counters
Live span Manual instrumentation
Multi-layer instrument Snapshot, full stack tracepoint
Instrument conditional
Instrument write protection Patent-pending sandbox
Instrument TTL Time to live
Source code blacklisting Hiding sensitive data, blocklist

Live Views⚓︎

Offer developers production operational metrics inside their IDE contextualized to the underlying source code.
More Info: Live Views

Source++ Lightrun Rookout Thundra Terminology
Status Portals IDE production charts
Status Indicators Production inlay hints

Live Dashboards⚓︎

Traditional APM web dashboards for software operators

Source++ Lightrun Rookout Thundra Terminology
Web charts
KPI metrics
Custom metric analysis


The comparison matrix is a guide only and should not be used to determine the suitability of any software for any particular use. If you would like to improve the accuracy of the comparison matrix, please submit a pull request or open an issue.

Last update: July 11, 2022